Thursday, 30 June 2011

Communities at Work - Uncovering their nature

Seems like Communities are becoming a hot topic!  I've had the privilege of speaking about them several times in the last few weeks -  how important they are to learning (I agree totally with Jane Hart - the focus needs to be on the organisation's needs and how they are realised - both by the organisation itself and by individual members of it) .  In this new blog I intend to look at Community at Work" from many different aspects.  I will welcome ideas, contributions and critique from any source - that way we all learn. 

As a first clue I believe it is critical to look at the nature of the organisation and its alignment to community - then the platforms that are appropriate will become clearer.  If the starting point has to be a learning intervention (I hate those words!) then developing a community amongst the learners will certainly enhance both the quality of the learning and its application into the workplace afterwards - but the BIG item here is to design the learning intervention within the context of community, not as an after thought or a "component" . 

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