Friday, 8 July 2011

Towards Maturity - Benchmarking our Communities in Learning

My brief examination of Community as a fundamental aspect of our humanity and at the root of any collaboration that succeeds, together with my forward look at the opportunity for discovery of community in the workplace as a result of platforms and tools provided by technology, leads to a need to strategise - and to do do that there is a need to reflect on plans, progress, and future direction.

Towards Maturity, an independent and supplier neutral organisation, has for a numbr of years been active in providing an easy to use benchmarking tool which provides a dispassionate and third party means of generating information to service that reflection need.  As well as providing organisations with a confidential and specific report, generated in comparison to over 1200 other enterprises, participants are provided with a "state of learning" report on an annual basis.

I have participated in Towards Maturity over the past 2 years on behalf of clients.  The time spent completeing the survey, a mere 40 mins, answering questions to address a 6-point model of Learning Maturity, has been well spent.  The reports I have received have highlighted successes, areas for attention, dissonances, and ideas for future improvement.  Comparing the organisations with which I have been involved with other learning organisations has provided stimulus to learn from the best and to address areas of weakness.  Laura Overton and her team are additionally available to explain and help with any aspect of the report or its implications.

This year's Towards Maturity survey is still open until 31 July and can be accessed at

If you haven't done it before - it's worth the effort!

If you have participated - you know what I am talking about!!

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